We extend the following programs to qualifying low-income elderly, disabled and children.    

1.     The Food Distribution Center provides a monthly thirty pound box of food to approximately 375 families equaling about 700 people served, eliminating financial anxieties from dependencies on family or government assistance.  We distributed over 100,000 lbs. of food.

2.     Information & Assistance matches clients with over fifty agencies to meet the need and then helps to fill out the tedious paper work or makes phone calls for the individuals. These programs foster self-reliance because they promote healthy attitudes, decrease anxiety and depression from feelings of being alone, and they address the immediate needs of our clients.

3.     Mission Room  distributes excellent clothing items for the entire family, shoes, linens, audio/video movies, house hold items, and much more. The Winkler Co. Mission room is open each Monday, the Ward Co. Mission Room is open each Tuesday , also the Ector Co. Mission Room is open each Wed. from 9:00am to noon and allows shoppers to come once a month.  Donations are always welcome. These are free to the public and some restrictions apply for number of items taken.

4.    Patient Care Used Medical Equipment collects stores and distributes medical equipment, to provide no cost supplements with at-home freedom for our target populations. 

5.     Caller Check-Up uses senior volunteers to make a daily call to those seniors in frail health for the purpose of checking on their well-being. 

6.      911 Cell Phone ERS works in cooperation with Monahans Police Department and Ward Memorial Hospital ER by providing personal registration information for clients issued the used cell phones creating peace of mind for clients and relatives.  We have distributed approximately 300 cell phones to those who qualify.

7.      Adopt a Senior provides a special holiday presents from local citizens to persons in the Caller Check-Up Initiative and to those elderly under hospice care. 2008 West Texas State Bank sponsored this program.

8.      Homeless Housing Supply provides donated household items and furniture to the elderly, disable and to the elderly  under hospice care.  to date we have furnished 30 homeless people in Ward County with a place to live with furniture and all household items.                                                                                                                               

 9.     Disaster Relief is an emergency response program that provides food, clothing, and shelter in case of a community disaster.

10.     Holiday Meals combines with “Need to Feed” Program to serve between 600-700 meals to all needy persons at Christmas.  The Womens' division of the Chamber of Commerce will provide the deserts.

 11.     Angel Tree cooperates with ALCO discount store, Family Dollar, Complex Community FCU and Monahans, Wickett, Pyote and Grandfalls ISD to involve the community in providing Christmas gifts to children.  We are starting this in Kermit in 2009.

12.     Financial Literacy Initiative is a Dave Ramsey affiliate course designed to target those healthy persons on government assistance with financial literacy.

13.     Newborns In Need uses Seniors that crochet or knit receiving blankets, clothes, booties and cap for those newborns that have nothing to wear home from the hospital.

14.     Special Needs Program for Disabled provides internet service and/or computers to help connect the disabled to daily activities of the world.

15.      C.O.R.E. (Connect Our Rural Elderly) helps to provide transportation for banking, shopping, paying bills and medical appointments.

16.     Indigent Travelers Basket provides Monahans Police Department with sacks containing canned meat, crackers, snacks, sweets, energy bars, soups, drinks and fruit packages to be distributed to those who are destitute.

17.     Crisis Systems Intervention (CSI) provides assistance for drug abusers/abused families with transportation to detox centers, counseling, shelters, and missions.  They also provide toiletries, clothing, food, spiritual guidance, transportation to treatment centers, counseling centers and rehabilitation centers.

18.      Ward County Youth Activities Center is an after school program for low-income youth.  The children are provided with nutritional, educational, recreational and spiritual guidance. 

19.      Resurrection Riders is a by-monthly, youth oriented trail riding program.  It is designed to develop among the youth confidence, self-esteem, principles, morals, and values coupled with character for daily living.  They will learn about horses, equipment, horsemanship skills, and address life challenges through Trail Riding Teamwork.  This program also helps special needs children with animal therapy to bring healing from emotional scars and abuse. Licensed/certified counselors and therapists are on duty.

20.     Emergency Relief helps with utility bills, rent or other emergency needs for families in crisis. (as funds are available)

21.    Diabetic/Hypertension Meets the needs of our diabetic and high blood pressure clients by providing a daily lunch, dinner, plus snacks and breakskfast pouches for a nine months period to better their health and reduce the portion intake making life changing improvements.

22.   Teenage Mothers Program assists with new clothes, diapers & wipes, blankets, swings, cribs, changing tables,  etc.. for newborns. Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.